Have a look at the list of our services ...

  • Keeping business books for small, medium and large enterprises, in accordance with the Accounting Act
  • Keeping business books for crafts and independent businesses, in accordance with the Income Act
  • Consulting in the fields of accounting, tax regulations and other legislation
  • Drafting loan applications and collecting necessary documents
    Choosing a bank with the best loan conditions
  • Drafting an economic, financial and market analysis of your future investment
  • Project management and project controlling
  • Consulting for all business activities
  • Facilitating decision-making in all types of business situations
  • Filling out grant applications and collecting necessary documents
  • Educating employees for auxiliary bookkeeping jobs: analytical bookkeeping, outgoing and incoming invoice bookkeeping, cash register operations, payroll accounting etc. / all provided that you want to carry out all these activities in-house
  • Filing forms by e-mail to FINA and Tax Administration


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Orison Swett Marden