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Knjigovodstveni servis Mikic d.o.o.   OnamaKnjigovodstveni servis Mikić d.o.o. [Bookkeeping Service Mikic Ltd.] was registered in the court register of companies on 21 October 1992. We started operating on 1 April 1993 and have successfully supported and shared our clients' goals ever since.

The company Mikić d.o.o. is registered in the Court Register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under decision no. Tt-95/16170-2 harmonising the general company bylaws and decision no. Tt-11/8027/4 of 12 July 2011 modifying the structure of the company and its share capital in line with the Company Act.

The registration number of the business entity is 0139998, activity code under the National Classification of Activities 6930 accounting, bookkeeping and auditing; tax consulting. Our address is Zagreb, Hribarov prilaz 6, and our business unit PJ 001 is located at Babonićeva 62a.
OIB [Personal Identification Number]: 08638837807
IBAN: HR9023600001101327147

When we helped open companies some 24 years, their staff mostly consisted solely of a general manager and accountant. Today, these are large companies with a lot of employees, some of them analytical bookkeepers with important roles in their organizations, educated by the Bookkeeping Service Mikic.


Many enterprises that entrusted our Bookkeeping Service with their books have overgrown this way of running the financial side of their business and employed in-house bookkeeping managers. These employees were trained by Bookkeeping Service Mikic until they became fully introduced with their employers' entire business.

At this point, we are happy to be providing our services to clients hailing from the following counties:

• Zagreb County
• City of Zagreb
• Sibenik-Knin County
• Primorje-Gorski kotar County
• Bjelovar-Bilogora County
• Sisak-Moslavina County
• Lika-Senj County
• Varazdin County

«The secret of happiness is to demand a lot from yourself and very little from others.»

Albert Guinon